Managing Director

We started our journey with a mission to build beautiful homes and manufacture quality building products combining practicality with functional and  aesthetic qualities keeping in mind the changes in tastes and needs of modern lifestyles and our vision is to play a pivotal role to help resolve the housing problem thereby improving the quality of life of the people of Bangladesh through introducing innovative entrepreneurial approaches and ultimately become the market leader.

Our obligation is to provide the highest quality products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Rafi Engineering & Construction has the ability to fabricate small, medium and large orders. Customizing various types of architectural metal work.

Each day is a new day, dawned with new challenges appearing on the horizon to be scaled, along with my team of professionals and experts take these challenges as targets and successfully achieve them accordingly up to the satisfaction of our valued customers.

From concept to completion, Rafi Engineering & Construction provides a full range of services that are designed to aid our customers in achieving their fabricating objectives. Our experience and resources allow us to work from customer furnished ideas, design drawings or from designs and plans that we generate in-house through consultation with the client. We care both beauty and user-friendliness in designing structures. Rafi Engineering & Construction has the expertise and the production facilities to produce a wide range of steel building products, and we serve multitude industries: Chemical, Textiles, Spinning, Garments Floor and Beverage, Agricultural, Petrochemical, and Construction.

For us, our core values are understanding of our customer’s demand and precision, which guides us in our entire strategic and tactical decision making.

Quality management system and quality control of our products, as well as engineering services with the highest precision, is our top most priority to keep ahead of modern market demands so that our clients can retain their business relationships with us to your success is our mission.