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Design Team:

  • REC has an experienced end professionally qualified structural Design Team with excellent track record of handling boring situations of difficult buildings to accommodate architectural features They have strong experienced judgment & good intuitive feeling to design structures that are capable of withstanding to incremental weather conditions and seismic as per latest code of practices. We work closely with each client from concept to reality; design to construction and to owner

REC design services are:

  • High Rise Structures-Steel, composite Structures, prefabricated building systems etc.
  • Industrial Structures-industrial plants, industrial sheds, factories, power plants etc.
  • Commercial Structures-warehouses, healthcare and educational buildings airport terminal, aircraft hanger, bridge, theatres, stadium, exhibition hall etc.
  • Residential Structures-steel structures, unit blocks, condos, villas and more.

REC is fully equipped to meet client’s structural engineering design and drawing requirements. It has the right experience both local and global to undertake projects of various large sizes.

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